Donate to Spay Memphis' New Kennels Fund!

Donate to Spay Memphis' New Kennels Fund! image


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Help Us Perform More Surgeries by Donating for New Kennels!

Why New Kennels are Important:

- New kennels will optimize the clinic’s use of space allowing us to fit more kennels of every size. This means that we can schedule more pets each day which will not only increase the number of spay/neuters we can perform but make for shorter wait times for appointments.
- Increasing the number of pets that can be scheduled each day will allow the clinic to hire an additional veterinarian to work alongside Dr. Oleson. We currently have an additional veterinarian working one day each week who is interested in working full-time once the new kennels are purchased.
- The new kennels will be on casters (with brakes) so that staff can easily deep clean underneath the bays of kennels and move when needed.
- Our current kennels are pretty old and some no longer close securely so many are unusable.
- The kennels we would like to purchase are from Shor-line. Shor-line has an industry-leading reputation that has been serving the animal health industry since 1927. Their high-quality stainless steel cages are the product of decades of research and development and a close relationship with animal shelters, humane societies, and boarding facilities.
- Currently, Spay Memphis has 19 functioning dog kennels and 22 functioning cat kennels. With new Shor-Line kennels, we can have 38 dog kennels and 40 cat kennels!

Cost of New Kennels for Spay Memphis:

- Cat kennels cost $375 each. We need 40 of these. 15 have been funded!
- Small dog (up to 25 lbs.) kennels cost $415 each. We need 15 of these. 13 have been funded!
- FULLY FUNDED! Medium dog (up to 70 lbs.) kennels cost $550 each. We need 14 of these.
- FULLY FUNDED! Large dog (up to 150 lbs.) kennels cost $800 each. We need 9 of these.
- FULLY FUNDED! A dog run costs $2,500. These are used to fit especially tall dogs, such as a Great Dane. We need two of these.

Extra Needs:
- 9 kennel cage dividers that can fit into the large dog kennels to divide them, if needed, for smaller dogs. $135 each, total of $1,215.
- 15 kennel platforms that all of our kennel bays will sit on to raise them off the floor. $150 each, total of $2,250.
- 56 kennel casters, with brakes, that will attach to the kennel platforms. $30 each, total of $1,680.

** Cat sized kennels can also be used for rabbits. Any dog sized kennel can be used for potbellied pigs as well.

Donating the full cost of an individual kennel will include a plaque attached to the kennel in your honor or in honor/memory of whomever you choose. Once you have donated the full cost of a kennel (this can be done in a one-time donation or as a recurring donation), we will be in touch to inquire what you would like engraved on the plaque.